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"I like to focus on the after results because how you look and feel post-treatment is what counts the most,"

- Dr. Jaswine Chew M.D.

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LCP Board Certified

With years of experience and a passion for the aesthetics industry, Dr. Jaswine Chew is the visionary who leads

LS Clinic Mid Valley. 

Book Your Consultation with Her Today!

*Consultations with Dr. Jaswine are chargeable;

but are waived with any treatment. 


1. Get your Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation


with one of our knowledgeable Beauty Advisors. They will help to answer your questions! And when you are ready, help schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaswine.

3. Enjoy your treatment/procedure and wait for the results!


As with most of our treatments & procedures you will see instant results. But sometimes you may need to wait for a few days for the effects to show up properly.

2. Have your consultation in person with Dr. Jaswine!

She'll be able to help advise you more thoroughly on what needs to be done, what doesn't need to be messed with, and if what you want is safe and doable. Her fee charges are RM100. This fee will be waived with any treatment done at LS Clinic Mid Valley.

4. We Pride Ourselves on Our After Care Services.

After treatment/procedure care is just as important as the treatment/procedure. Our team will be here on standby with any advise or help you may need.

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