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The Liquid Face Lift

We've come along way in Aesthetics.

You don't have to go under the knife to get the results you want.

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The Liquid Face Lift

We are known as "The Home of the Liquid Face Lift", helmed by Dr. Jaswine Chew. 


Her belief in non-surgical treatments has shaped LS Clinic Midvalley, into the clinic that stands behind our patients with the support that they require to maintain the looks they desire without drastic measures or invasive procedures.

Her secret is the custom blend of fillers, as well as laser and chemical peels, that keep her patients of all ages looking their best. Most important of all she makes sure to  maintain the integrity of their skin and facial structures healthy for years to come. 

The following treatments can help improve visible signs of aging, improve function, and restore facial balance and harmony on both the face and neck. Our philosophy for face and neck treatments is that maintenance is key to long-term health of your skin and structure.

Treatments should be curated just for you, to find out more of what may suit you best, book your Complimentary Consultation with our Beauty Advisors.

Everyone's skin and facial structure is different. What works for one person, may not work for the next. The key to the success of a liquid face lift is the ability of your doctor to help plan your treatment, get you your desired outcome, but also forecast how your face will age and how treatment will effect you.


Not everyone does this. But, they should. 

And this is why we are known as The Home of the Liquid Face Lift. 


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